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Our mission is to assist young and adult males in making quality of life decisions that will transform their destiny. By identifying their God given gifts and talents, and their developing skills, we will encourage, inspire, and empower each to embrace their goals and ambitions from a faith-based perspective.   

Who am I?

Alphonso Short (Coach Short) was born in New York, lived his formative years in North Carolina and as adult lived in Washington DC, Maryland, Mississippi and presently, in North Carolina.  He has been married to his bride, Anissa Conard Short since 1998, and in his spare time he enjoys music, reading and travels to the Caribbean. 

Coach Short obtained a BBA from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (1986), a BBA and MBA from Word of Truth Bible College (2007 & 2009) and became Certified as Christian Life Coach in 2021.  In addition to his over 30 years of Federal Government employment, Coach Short has dedicated his life to service, specifically to areas that serve to build up men and children.  Whether serving as tutor and mentor through the Adopt a School program, coaching boys’ basketball through his city’s Parks and Recreation programs, volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club, or serving in various leadership positions in ministry, he has been committed to making a difference. 

Coach Short has been recognized for his work as a volunteer from various citywide organizations (1999 to 2000).  He has facilitated a Junior Golf Camp for boys that not only taught the game but emphasized the importance of core values.  Most recently, Coach Short serves as Board Chair of two non-profit organizations, Fascinate-U Children’s Museum & Greater Life of Fayetteville, both of whom serve children and are located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


1. They have a desire to change and motivated to make it happen. 

2. They desire a better quality of life in all areas. 

3. They are teachable and coachable.

4. They are accountable to their actions or inaction. 

5. They reverence the sovereignty of God. 

6. They are committed to the work. 

7. They understand the importance of communication. 

8. They are faith focused. 

9. They readily make the financial investment in themselves. 

10. They have respect for themselves and others.


Single Mother of One Son: “You are a man with Christian core values.  You are relatable with real life experiences (i.e. single parent household).  You are dependable. Always there for advice”

Relative: “You have a serious desire to help people, especially young people. You also have the gifts of patience and empathy”

Adult Male & Former Mentee: “1. You are a leader 2. You have a great teaching style 3. You have a passion for encouraging others”

CEO, Boys and Girls Club: “You are a positive influence and role model.  You are goal driven and action oriented and you practice active and reflective listening which shows you “listen to understand”.

Social Worker:   You have lived a life full of experiences. These experiences, diverse as they are, have aided in creating the level of intelligence you now possess. For 20+ years you have sustained a marriage to one woman and have shared insight to others embarking upon the same journey. From a mother of two sons, the patience, insight, and authoritative role you have offered has created respectable young men. These young men, my sons, value their relationship with you and lean to you when feeling weary or simply needing laughter.

When They HEAR US

Coach Short made a guest appearance on the International Radio Show broadcasted on Envisioned Broadcasting.



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